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150%    of our carbon footprint was voluntarily offset for 2023/24 (April – April)

12.9     metric tons of CO2e emissions offset

3             equivalent number of passenger vehicles driven for an entire year

1.6        equivalent number of homes’ energy use for an entire year

Respecting the local environment is critical to the local communities, landscapes, and wildlife of the English regions Galahad Tours visits. It is important that we do things today in a way that ensures we are able to enjoy visiting these places long into the future. Galahad Tours therefore encourages guests to be responsible travellers and will strive for sustainable tourism in the following ways:

  • I’m committed to minimising Galahad Tours’ carbon footprint. My vehicle is an ultra low emissions diesel vehicle (ULEV), and the carbon emissions are calculated annually. I work with Tradewater to offset 150% my annual emissions.
  • Tradewater fights climate change by safely collecting and destroying high-impact greenhouse gases, like CFC and HCFC refrigerants and methane. It uses a top-rated approach for reducing global warming, as recommended by Project Drawdown, the world’s leading resource for science-based climate solutions. This integrity really matters to me.
  • Guests are encouraged to have a minimal impact on the areas visited to ensure that the local environment is preserved. We will always follow rules and guidelines around protecting unique and/or endangered wildlife and habitats.
  • Cultural/historic monuments, buildings, structures, artworks and artefacts will be admired and examined at an appropriate distance to maintain their integrity.
  • Guests are encouraged to use refillable water bottles and to bring these with them on tour.
  • Galahad Tours strives to ensure that no litter is left behind at destinations – ‘take only photographs, leave only footprints’.
  • Feeding and approaching wildlife on tour, unless explicitly permitted and supervised by appropriate ranger/farmer/handler, is discouraged.
  • Supports local economies by encouraging clients to visit local businesses to and to pay a fair price.